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 Welcome to All Who Visit Us Here!  


 Dear Parishioners and Friends,


     I want you to know that all of you are in the prayers of the priests, sisters and staff at St. Catherine of Siena Parish at this very difficult time. Those who are ill, all working in health care (and then going home to work there also), and our parishioners and friends who are out of work are especially remembered.


     It has been a joy to hear from so many about the strength received from being able to tune in for Mass and other prayer services from so many wonderful sources, ranging from Pope Francis to our Archdiocese and some of our local parishes. We are now in a position to begin live-streaming here at St. Catherine of Siena. The information is below. Do inform parishioners and friends as we do not have email contact for everyone.


     Continue to pray for the healing our human family needs, for the ill and their families, for the wonderful health care women and men working countless hours in difficult circumstances to comfort the ill and dying and for all public officials trying their best to guide us through the crisis. Be safe, be blessed.


                                        Fr. John Ryan





   Schedule of Weekend Masses


April 5:    Palm Sunday    

               10:00 AM   Live-stream


April 9:    Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lord's Supper

                7:00 PM     Live-stream


April 10:  Good Friday, Celebration of the Lord's Passion

                1:00 PM     Live-stream


April 11:  Holy Saturday, Celebration of the Easter Vigil

                8:00 PM      Live-stream


April 12:   Easter Sunday

                 8:00 AM      Live-stream

                10:00 AM     Live-stream


Sundays after Easter:   April 19 and 26

                10:00 AM     Live-stream     



Live-streaming at St. Catherine of Siena Parish




   Click on designated live-streaming button




    Go directly to the parish Facebook page.